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  • Botox before and after photos

    Botox before and after photos

    how much does botox cost for forehead? Botox cost charged  in two ways  – either by “area” or by “unit.”Charging by “area” leads to fraud since the provider can dilute the Botox by whatever ratio they want and the patient never actually knows how much Botox they have received. There is also the possibility of […]

  • ❤Secret Of Botox Cosmetic In 2023

    ❤Secret Of Botox Cosmetic In 2023

    What is botox cosmetic? The appropriate use of Botox requires an understanding of the art of facial aesthetics and the science of this unique molecule. No two patients are exactly the same,and patients commonly present with baseline asymmetries. Cookbook approaches should be avoided. The mechanism of action of botox cosmetic is to decrease muscular activity […]