The Secret Of Penis Skin Care In 2023

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Smooth Penis Skin: Why It’s Important and How to Get It

Silky smooth penis skin is what most men hope to have. A touchably soft penis invites intimate touch and excitement. It also shows that a man is healthy cares about his body. And when the penis is smooth, it’s more responsive to touch and other stimulation. This results in better sex, confidence, and improved sexual function by penis skin care.

What Happen When A Penis Goes Uncared For?

On the flip side, a man who doesn’t take care of his penis can be affected by a host of issues that are uncomfortable, unsightly, and definitely don’t invite sexual escapades. Without proper regular care, penile skin can become dry, irritated, and even scaly. While a smooth penis is highly sensitized, a dry or ill-cared for penis is actually desensitized. That means foreplay and sex won’t feel as good as it usually does resulting in a lackluster orgasm and reduced sexual satisfaction (and maybe even a little frustration).

Having a smooth penis is also a health concern! Penis skin protects the body from foreign pathogens causing illness and infection. Broken skin on the penis can invite bacteria into the body and cause a man to get sick or find himself in significant, avoidable pain.

Bedroom benefits and penis skin care

Let’s be honest – a penis that looks and feels good is more likely to get attention, and prolonged attention at that. A healthy penis can provide a man and his partner hours of pleasure. A smooth penis feels great and is hard to put away. Bringing a healthy penis into the bedroom increases the likelihood of prolonged foreplay, higher likelihood of fellatio, and more time spent teasing and touching a healthy, happy male member.

penis skin care helps better relationship
penis skin care

How to Get Luxurious Penis Skin Care

Convinced that a super smooth penis is the penis to have? Here are the best ways to get a smooth penis skin.

1) Eat Healthy Fats – Eat a healthy diet that includes mono-saturated fats like avocados, olive oil, mackerel, and nuts. These fats keep skin supple and bouncy, even all the way down there.

2) Get Regular Erections – The penis is a muscle, so men need to use it or risk losing tone. A toned penis is more likely to be smooth, and besides, it’s a great way to keep the penis healthy.

3) Use Natural Cleansers – Avoid anything with unpronounceable ingredients or lye, and only use hands or a soft washcloth to cleanse the area. One of the best cleansers to use is actually one formulated for babies since the penile skin is just as sensitive.

4)Avoid harsh exfoliation  – There are tons of men’s health boards out there which will say to use exfoliants on the penis, but do not! Penile skin is very delicate and can be easily torn. Once torn, even microscopic tears, bacteria can invade and cause a host of medical issues. Not only that, getting too rough with the scrubbing can also decrease sensitivity and no one wants that!

Apply a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) daily to the penis, being sure to cover the entire area. These penis-specific cremes are specially formulated, using natural bases like Shea butter and vitamin E that not only heal and hydrate the skin but also lock in moisture. Choose a crème that also includes other ingredients like L-Carnitine which promotes penile sensitivity and L-Arginine, which increases blood flow to the penis for strong, firm erections.

A smooth penis is a great way to gain confidence, stay healthy, and enjoy a dynamic sex life.

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