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mini facelift

What is a mini facelift? Mini facelift is an ideal treatment for people wanting to achieve a more youthful appearance without undergoing a full facelift procedure, this procedure is the most common type of facelift surgery performed today. It addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face using small incisions placed around the ears. It restores definition to the chin by removing excess tissue and artfully tightening remaining tissue. Mini facelift can be achieved with local anesthesia and little to no subsequent pain. Post-op swelling and bruising are also minimal, promoting rapid recovery. How long does a mini facelift last? The results provided by any facelift procedure can fade over time as the natural aging process will continue post-procedure. That …

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brow lift scars

temporal brow lift scar

Brow lift scars are generally placed so they will be well concealed, frequently within or at the hairline, within a deep forehead crease or at the top of the eyebrows depending on the procedure and type of  lifting. Direct Brow lift Patients with thick eyebrows and significant lateral brow ptosis are good candidates for this procedure. The limitation of this technique is the inability to smooth the entire forehead skin and inability to reduce frown muscle activity.  For these reasons the direct approach is not the first choice in brow rejuvenation and is reserved for patients with very thick eyebrows or patients that have forehead muscle weakness requiring maximal lifting of the eyebrow area.  Scarring is most noticeable due to shadowing from a depressed …

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non surgical nose job

non surgical nose job

What is a non surgical nose job and how does it differ from a traditional nose job? Traditionally, a rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of the nose. It requires anesthesia and considerable healing time because of bruising and swelling, but the results are permanent. On the other hand, a liquid nose job (or non-surgical rhinoplasty) uses small needles to inject filler and to change the shape of the nose without any invasive surgery. As a result, the effects are temporary. It uses inject-able filler to lift depressed areas of the nose. As it is an augmentation procedure, it cannot reduce the size of the nose. Hyaluronic acid is used in this treatment, which is already in our bodies, making it …

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double eyelid surgery

asian blepharoplasty

Double eyelid surgery The purpose of double eyelid surgery is to create an upper eyelid with a crease (i.e. “double eyelid”) from an eyelid that is naturally without a crease (also known as a “single eyelid” or “monolid”). Anatomically, there are a number of subtle differences in the upper eyelids of East Asians, compared with the eyelids of Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans.While some East Asians have a double eyelid and some do not, there is also a large variation in the crease position (double eyelid size) of the East Asian upper eyelid. The upper lid fold can range from 1 mm (0.039 in) above the eyelash line to about 10 mm (0.39 in). Several methods can be used to create the double eyelid — including the full-incisional, partial incision …

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fat transfer after care

fat transfer before and after

Fat transfer after care It is normal for the face to be swollen and enlarged. This is a result of 1) the trauma of the procedure and 2) slight over-correction of transferred fat to allow for some loss in the process. Your body will gradually recover from the swelling over a period of several days, but take several weeks for full recovery.Keep the compression garment on for the advised period. This will be, at a minimum, 24 hours/day for 7 days, then evenings for the following 7 days. Wearing the garment longer is better.Do not fly within 24 hours of your procedure for short haul flights, or within one week of your procedure for long haul flights.Return to every day …

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eye bags removal

under eye bags fat transfer

Eye bags home remedy Home remedy for  eye bags removal 1-Applying tea bags on the puffy area is an age-old method of getting rid of dark circles. It does not really matter whether the tea is green or black. The caffeine in it helps to reduce the swelling that is usually caused as a result of fluid accumulation in the are. The caffeine  has anti-inflammatory effects and will reduce the swelling and puffiness 2-Gently massage Lavender oil or coconut oil  under your eyes before going to bed. Leave it on overnight.repeat this every night to remove the eye bags and puffiness. Coconut oil will moisturize the skin and give it a natural glow. 3-Cold compress help to relax the blood vessels and …

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