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botox cost

how much does botox cost for forehead?

Botox cost charged  in two ways  – either by “area” or by “unit.”Charging by “area” leads to fraud since the provider can dilute the Botox by whatever ratio they want and the patient never actually knows how much Botox they have received. There is also the possibility of cross-contamination between patients since the provider is using the vial over and over again for several patients. The alternative way of charging for Botox is by the “unit.”

how much is botox around the eyes?

Allergan just started supplying 50 Unit vials of Botox.  This is the average amount of Botox for a typical patient. 50 Units will cover the crow’s feet (2.5 units each), the glabella (25 units) and the forehead (20 units). This amount of Botox allows for significant reduction in wrinkles but allows you to maintain facial animation.

botox price list

Botox  injection is a medical procedure that requires nuance, experience and expertise. All Botox providers are not equal in education or skill and some are actually quite poor. Most Botox providers charge either by the amount of Botox used or by the region of the face treated. Shopping around for cheap Botox is not recommended. There are practitioners than offer bargain prices that are not sustainable from a business standpoint. They may be diluting their Botox or injecting less units than advertised.

botox cost before after
botox cost

botox lips cost

The price for lip injections varies on what inject-able material is used and the skill and education of botox provider.Like most cosmetic procedures, BOTOX  injections are usually not covered by medical insurance. For the many people who cannot afford to make a single payment for the full cost of BOTOX treatments, financing options are available that allow patients to make comfortable payments over time.

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