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Droopy Eyelid (Ptosis) After Botox Injection Botox is one of the best therapeutic weapons available for the treatment of facial dynamic wrinkles but it occasionally  migrates to underlying structures and  can result in a droopy eyelid — also called ptosis. True eyelid ptosis is a very rare complication following Botox injection. This occurs as a result … Read more

Botox migraine how it works?

Botox Migraine Botox is only FDA-approved for chronic migraines, which means headache on 15 or more days a month.  “The more frequent the headaches, the better the patient does with Botox,” Botox is not recommended for patients who experience fewer than 15 headache days a month. What is Botox Migraine? Botox is a form of … Read more

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 Dysport Dysport is approximately 1/3 the cost of Botox; however, it is also 1/3 the strength. This means you will need about three times as many units of Dysport to get the same results as you would with one unit of Botox. As a result, the cost of Dysport treatment will likely end up being … Read more

The secret of Botox side effects in 2023

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 What are botox side effects? The most common botox side effects are bruising and swelling. Bruises are mostly common around the eyes and some people are prone to them while others are not. It may take 2 days after the injection for a bruise to be shown on the skin surface. When it is injected … Read more

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how much does botox cost for forehead? Botox cost charged  in two ways  – either by “area” or by “unit.”Charging by “area” leads to fraud since the provider can dilute the Botox by whatever ratio they want and the patient never actually knows how much Botox they have received. There is also the possibility of … Read more

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How long after botox can I sleep? It is recommended to not lay down for 4 hours after botox injection , because lying flat or bending over might make the Botox shift via gravity to orbital cavity and ophthalmologic side effects such as droopy eyelids or diplopia occur. Moreover, laying down makes the veins in  … Read more

Dysport and breastfeeding in 2022

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what is Dysport? Botox and Dysport are both Botulinum Toxin A but are made by different companies. Botox has been available for longer, but Dysport is now FDA approved and has been found to be as effective and safe as Botox. It is a bit different to use from a physician standpoint, but for the … Read more

Botox armpits how long does it last

What is botox armpits injection? The use of botox armpits was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2004 for patients whose hyperhidrosis is inadequately managed with topical agents.Prior to administering BOTOX, many clinicians perform a Minor’s starch iodine test to document the extentand severity of hyperhidrosis in each axilla. This can then be used … Read more

❤Secret Of Botox Cosmetic In 2023

What is botox cosmetic? The appropriate use of Botox requires an understanding of the art of facial aesthetics and the science of this unique molecule. No two patients are exactly the same,and patients commonly present with baseline asymmetries. Cookbook approaches should be avoided. The mechanism of action of botox cosmetic is to decrease muscular activity … Read more