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chin augmentation

chin implant or augmentation

Chin implant needs surgery  that always carries inherent risks including scarring, infection, and anesthesia complications. Surgical chin enhancement involves inserting a chin implant. This implant can, rarely, move after surgery, having to be re-positioned. If there is a significant infection after surgery, the implant must be removed. In both of these situations, the cosmetic result can be ruined. Since surgical chin augmentation involves inserting an implant, the enlargement cannot be completely customized to the shape of your individual face. After surgery, implants can shift, giving an undesirable look. Over the years, as your face changes, the implant remains the same and may begin to look unnatural and no longer blend with the rest of your face

non surgical chin augmentation

Non-surgical chin enhancement avoids the basic risks of surgery. There is no solid implant, so therefore no risk of movement or infection. Radiesse and Artefill do not move after they are injected (they become part of the skin) and infections are unheard of with injection of Radiesse or Artefill into this area of the face.

chin augmentation with filler
chin augmentation

chin augmentation cost

Surgical chin augmentation cost  vary by region and surgeon. Because this procedure is typically done in the operating room, this figure includes the professional fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee, and the cost of the implant itself. If this procedure is done in conjunction with another procedure (often done with rhinoplasty), the cost is often partially reduced.

chin augmentation filler cost

Fillers have replaced implants for many cases of chin augmentation. Despite not being permanent, they have advantages.The implants also have significant disadvantages including infection, moving, hardening, and changes over time. In addition it is permanent and might be more than the patient desires.The fillers are more subtle and more “sculpt-able” and allow smaller changes to be made. The patient gets to try it out. Price will depend upon skill set of the cosmetic surgeon and  location.



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