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blepharoplasty scars

How long does it take for blepharoplasty scars to heal?

Most blepharoplasty scars are placed in the eyelid  crease and should not be visible with  eyes open , however in some cases lateral incisions may be visible for several months.  During the healing process the eyelid scar can be red, bumpy, or nodular. Gentle argan oil massages to the upper eyelid scars 4 weeks after surgery may help faster recovery and blending scar with the surrounding tissues. In general, blepharoplasty scars of any type tend to improve over about 1 year or so.

eyelid surgery before and after
blepharoplasty scars

Subconjunctival hemorrhage after eye surgery

Subconjunctival hemorrhage after blepharoplasty is a  benign condition of the eye that has characteristic features, such as the painless acute appearance of a sharply circumscribed redness of bleeding underneath the conjunctiva in the absence of discharge, and inflammation in contagious areas. Reduction in visual acuity is not expected. Usually, no treatment is required however artificial tears to ease any irritation may be helpfull.  Usually, recovery is complete and without any long-term problems.  Subconjunctival hemorrhage changes colors (often red to orange to yellow) as it heals and may last for  one to two weeks.

subconjunctival hemorrhage after blepharoplasty
subconjunctival hemorrhage after eye surgery

Bruising after eyelid surgery

Bruising after eyelid surgery  especially in the lower eyelids is not very common  and related to impaired  coagulation system or poor  surgical technique which may  last 3-4 weeks to fully resolved. Avoidance of Aspirin and other blood thining drugs 1 week before surgery as well as good hemostasis technique will reduce the risk of eyelid bruising. Having said that, staining in the lower eyelids is different sequel  which are hemosiderin deposit under thin eyelid skin and may last longer and if no further treatment is performed it could take 6 months or more for the discoloration to fully dissipate. However, Skin staining does respond well to pulsed dye laser and sometimes IPL treatment and will resolve completely during 8 to 10 weeks.

bruising after blepharoplasty
bruising after eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty scars care

Gently massaging a repairing cream into the eyelids at bedtime for a few minutes can assist in softening and flattening blepharoplasty scars.  Dryness and tightness of the eyes is normal and can persist for up to 3 months. Artificial tears can help the dry eyes but the tightness will take a few months to resolve.

asian eyelid surgery recovery
blepharoplasty scars
male eyelid surgery before and after
blepharoplasty scars
blepharoplasty scars
blepharoplasty scars

Red eyelids after blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty sutures should be removed after 5 to 7 days, cover-up makeup can be applied. Some redness can be improved by avoiding the sun and utilizing sunscreen protection and sunglasses when outdoors. Ophthalmic steroids such as hydrocortisone may be used for a short period of time to improve the redness  and other repairing creams can be helpful. Additionally, massage of the incision lines may improve their appearance over time. Some patients that pull upward with their forehead tissues following eyelid surgery out of habit from before their eyelid lift will have wider and more redness to their incisions. Fortunately, the eyelid skin is very forgiving and when taken care of properly the incisions eventually flatten quite a bit and often turn a subtle paler color to the surrounding skin.

Red eyelids after eyelid surgery
Red eyelids after blepharoplasty

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