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fat transfer after care

Fat transfer after care

Fat transfer after care ?It is normal for the face to be swollen and enlarged. This is a result of 1) the trauma of the procedure and 2) slight over-correction of transferred fat to allow for some loss in the process. Your body will gradually recover from the swelling over a period of several days, but take several weeks for full recovery.Keep the compression garment on for the advised period. This will be, at a minimum, 24 hours/day for 7 days, then evenings for the following 7 days. Wearing the garment longer is better.Do not fly within 24 hours of your procedure for short haul flights, or within one week of your procedure for long haul flights.Return to every day activity as normal avoiding vigorous activity or sport for two weeks.Fluid leakage from the small incisions is normal in the first few days. This will occur mainly in the first 24 hours and you should simply pad the area with fresh gauze as needed. Be sure to wear clothes that are washable for your journey home after the procedure and for the first week.

fat transfer to face
fat transfer to face

 Fat grafting  after care swelling and lumps

Fat transfer to tear trough and under eye may cause swelling and lumpiness, to prevent this in the lower  eyelid  the fat should be done as a nano fat transfer, the fat is liposuctioned with a very small canula, changed to very small particles with special device and then injected deep to the muscle with a very small canula. The fat is deposited in small pearls in a fan shape manner to avoid the lumpiness. You can repaeat fat transfer after 12 weeks safely by then all inflammatory healing is over and the fat is stable.Fat transfer to the face can rejuvanate the face including the brows,  naso-labial folds and the cheeks and chin.

Ice after fat injection

To minimize swelling in the face you may use cool, clean compresses or ice wrapped in a dry cloth. Apply these gently to your face four to six times a day for the first twenty four hours after surgery. Mild cooling of the area will help reduce inflammation, too much ice may limit blood circulation to the area and may damage skin as well as fat grafted cells.

When can i exercise after fat transfer?

Fat transfer is done with blunt tipped  cannulas so most of  patients are swollen, but usually not bruised. Aerobic exercises increase blood pressure and might increase the amount of  bruising and swelling, It is recommended to avoid aerobic activities for at least 2 weeks.

under eye bags fat transfer
fat transfer under eyes

Fat injectin after care diet?

48 hours after fat grafting soft diet help bowl movement and cold drinks prevent inflammation and swelling, moreover, alcohol and NSAIDS should be avoided for 2 weeks to help with healing and reduced bruising. Restricting sodium may help to reduce edema and inflammation after surgery.

nanofat grafting undereyes
nanofat grafting

Fat grafting lasting results

Some of the grafted fat cells will die within the first 6 months, which will make the volume levels dip somewhat, so it is recommended to over corrected the treated area . Once the six month mark has passed, however, the remaining cells should be permanently established. While the cells may be permanent, other structures in the face and skin will continue to deteriorate with age. As time goes on, patients may want to consider additional treatments to continue looking youthful. Despite these drawbacks, fat transfer is an all-natural, permanent enhancement to facial volume, and most patients are thrilled with the results.

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