TCA Peel For Acne Scars In 2023

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What is TCA peel?

A TCA  peel ( trichloroacetic acid ) is a chemical skin peel. The depth of skin peeled during the treatment can be adjusted according to the strength of the acid used (15%, 20%, 25% etc.)

Is a TCA peel a deep chemical peel?

A TCA peel above 10% is a medical grade peel and should not be performed by non medically-qualified individuals. This is because it is a medium-depth to deep peel (depending on the strength of acid used) meaning it has the capability to pass beyond the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) and even potentially to the top of the papillary dermis (part of the dermis; the next layer of skin after the epidermis). It is therefore a procedure that should be performed in a controlled environment, by trained medical professionals (a nurse or doctor).

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What are the benefits of a TCA peel?

It will help improve shallow wrinkles and help to smooth the skin. There will be new collagen (the protein which gives skin its firmness) formed within the treated skin. Superficial pigmentation can also be tackled with TCA. Even abnormal cells within the superficial layers that may go on to form serious problems in the future (actinic keratoses etc) can be effectively removed with the appropriate concentration of TCA.

How many TCA peels are needed to see results?

If a stronger TCA peel is performed (20% – 25%, or a combined TCA peel) results will be immediate after one session. Weaker strengths may require a course of 3-4, followed by maintenance every few months.

Is a TCA peel a one-time solution?

Environmental factors such as UV damage, dehydration and pollutants are a constant strain on your skin. Therefore, performing a procedure like this only once is like going to the gym only once. TCA peels are a slightly heavier procedure and should be performed (depending on strength) a couple of times a year for optimal benefits. If a mild TCA is used, perhaps 3-4 times a year.

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  1. Hi, I had TCA 35% peel for my acne scars. Within seconds I could not withstand the burn any longer. The next day I knew something wasn’t right because the rawness and discomfort did not seem normal. Cut forward to a month later and I’m dealing with severe pih. What can I do to treat this? Will it go away?

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