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Under Eye Filler Before And After Photos❤

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What is under eye filler? A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, and as we age we can experience volume loss in this area which can leave dark circles, shadows and hollows around the delicate under-eye area. This can often make us look tired, older, haggard and run down, even when we are perfectly rested and well hydrated. This can be easily treated with under eye filler.

 cheek augmentation & under eye filler before and after
cheek augmentation &tear trought correction

Under eye filler bruising

One of the most common side effects of dermal fillers is bruising. Even if you have never bruised before, it is always a possibility. Why? Because bruises are just a small hematoma; they occur when small blood vessels get punctured and leak into the soft tissue beneath. The good news is there are some tips and tricks up our sleeve that you can use to help reduce the bruising pre- and post-treatment.

At  Niayesh Beauty Clinic we use FDA- approved dermal filler and Cannulas are used to place filler under the very thin muscle layer, which results in a more natural appearance with minimal-to-no bruising.

Under eye filler before and after

Pre-Appointment Tips

  • There are medications that you may want to consider stopping 1 week prior to your appointment (and with your doctor’s consent.) These medications thin your blood, making it more difficult for it to clot, increasing the likelihood you will bruise following your procedure. This list includes:
    • Aspirin
    • Excedrin
    • Ibuprofen (Motrin, Aleve, Advil)
    • St. John’s Wart
    • Fish Oil
    • Vitamin E
    • Ginko Biloba
    • Ginseng
    • Fenugreek
    • Garlic
  • No alcohol or green teas 1-2 days before injections
  • Eat fresh pineapple, it contains bromelain which has been know to decrease bruising
  • Take Arnica tablets for a couple of days leading up to your appointment. Arnica is a homeopathic remedy to help prevent bruising/swelling.
  • under eye filler
tear trough correction before and after
under eye filler

Tear trough filler aftercare

Congrats on your new fillers! Here are a few tips to avoid bruising after your procedure:

  • Avoid alcohol for 1-2 days after injections
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for 1-2 days
  • Wait 24 hours before applying makeup
  • Apply Arnica gel, it will help you heal faster
  • Apply ice packs. The ice contracts the blood vessels and lessens the chance that your bruise will spread.

While these tips and tricks can help, we always recommend planning to get your fillers done 1-2 weeks before any big event or photoshoot. It is best to aim for 2 weeks if you are someone who bruises easily.

tear trought correction
tear trought correction

Recovery time

Dermal fillers work very quickly, and you won’t have to wait twelve months to see the full benefits of your injections. That said, these injectable treatments take some time to integrate into your tissues, and it’s normal for your dermal filler to take up to two weeks to fully settle into your face.

Under eye filler
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Under eye filler
A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, and as we age we can experience volume loss in this area. This can be easily treated with under eye filler.
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Niayesh Beauty Clinic
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4 responses to “Under Eye Filler Before And After Photos❤”

  1. Hi, I had hyaluronidase injected into my eyelids to remove lumps but it didn’t work? how long of a time span do I need before injection hyaluronidase again and what are some of the reasons for it not working? Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for your question
      Hyaluronidase just dissolve hyaluronic acid ( HA) fillers, assuming it was HA filler then injection technique and dosage should be reviewed.

      If hyaluronidase not injected near the site of the lumps or at the proper depth,the HA filler may not dissolve.
      In my practice I would prefer to inject Hyaluronidase more than once rather than over-inject at the beginning. Or, you simply have non-HA filler in there and there’s no way for Hyaluronidase to work.
      Having said that , Hyaluronidase begins working immediately and is done within 48 hours, so if everything isn’t gone at that point, you may need another round of treatment.
      Best wishes

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  2. Hi I’m 32 years old. I recently had undereye hollowness.I got 0.5ml Belotero Balance on each side. They told me to come back in 12 months to get it re-done. I like the result even though I’d like it to be a little more noticeable.
    My question is, over time, If I keep getting them done every year, 1ml in total, will they start becoming less and less noticeable with that amount? Or do I really need more? Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for your question
      Under eye hollowness and Tear trough sulcus correlate with facial volume loss in early 30s especially deep medial cheek fat pad.
      I find volumization of deep tissues with Microfat or fillers have great impact on under eye hollowness.
      Having said that, if you got good results with what you did you should be very happy since effacing them is very difficult. redoing them is a good idea since some of the filler will be converted to collagen and will be permanent and the area will stimulate more fibroblasts allowing further correction.
      Best wishes

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